Dave.Ai helps you sell better

Dave.Ai uses patented Influence Augmented Recommendation technology. Not only does Dave.Ai find the most relevant product but also picks out the most relevant case-study, testimonial or positive experience from an existing customer who is likely to influence your prospect.

Dave recommendations

Incentivize your prospects, backed by Dave.Ai

Incentivize your prospect based on Dave.Ai's impact prediction. Uses proprietary, patent pending technology Dave.Ai is able to estimate the impact a prospect could have on your business. You can create customized spot discounts, loyalty programs, brand ambassador programs etc.
The impact is assessed based not only on the purchasing pattern of the customer, but also on the influence the customer has on other sales.

Dave impact assessment

Ask Dave.Ai to crunch numbers for your business

Dave.Ai uses a powerful Natural Language Based Query platform. You can ask Dave.Ai to pull out any relevant data or plot any graph using simple English. Not only that, the insights can be gleaned at any level, whether by the sales team or the CEO.

Ask Dave.Ai

How does it work

  • Configure your Models

    Tell Dave.Ai about what you know about your customer, products and other interactions between the customers and products.

  • Upload your data

    You can upload your customer, product and purchase data via CSV files or via Dave.Ai's rich JSON API.

  • Get the most out of Dave.Ai

    Dave.Ai is an intelligent platform which can give key actionables in real-time, helping enterprises sell better.

Deployment Scenarios

Dave.Ai is built on a flexible data model. It is completely domain agnostic and learns on the fly. Below are a few deployment scenarios where Dave.Ai can help your business

  • 20% Increase conversion for CRM users
  • 15% Increase cross-sell for E-Commerce
  • 12% Enable upsell at POS counter
  • 35% Improve Campaign Conversion
  • 30% Enable real-time impact assessment for Sales Order Management

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