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Transform your bank branches
into experience centres
A fully integrated solution for
automated banking transactions

Next-gen Digital Banking Experience

Provide customers a personalized digital experience by deploying branchless banking at scale.

Reduce Operational Cost

Personalized Customer Interaction

Human Touch with a Virtual Avatar

Cross-channel Integration & Security

Cross Sales

Virtual Bank of the Future

DaveAI’s micro branches are designed to optimize banking operations with a human touch. These interactive kiosks

– Use facial detection to understand customers

– Initiates customer interactions via a Virtual Avatar

– Responds with Audio-Visual content in natural language

DaveAI’s platform is a unique blend of speech, vision, personalization & visualization that brings humanless bank branch to life!

Customer Engagement
Greater Qualified Leads
Capital Cost Reduction

AI Powered Edge Intelligence

Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and patent pending Empathetic AI technology, DaveAI's platform has the capability to understand customer preferences and behaviour. The platform provides real-time personalised assistance to customer queries and seamlessly enables them to carry out financial transactions.

GDPR Compliant

Speech & NLP


Are you looking to provide a digital-first banking experience?

Our Clients have seen a difference

After deploying DaveAI's solution with our existing system, understanding customer data and preference became very easy. It was seamless to configure the solution with various banking scenarios at Axis Bank.

Sandeep Charan, Analyst Axis Bank Innovation Lab

Karnataka Bank has always dreamt about transmission. We have now taken a step towards being a bank of the future by introducing DhIRA which is envisaged to enhance customer experience. It is a first-of-a-kind AI, ML, NLP based bot that can interact with customers both in speech & text. We believe that it will be the future digi face of the bank. DaveAI has helped us take this step towards the vision of being the Bank Of Future.

Pankaj Gupta, CDMO Karnataka Bank

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