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Improve customer interactions with a photo-realistic Metaverse Avatar!

Why add a Virtual Avatar?

Powered by patent pending Empathetic AI technology, you can build your digital brand persona that can interact with customers.

Virtual Metaverse Avatar
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How does it work?

DaveAI metaverse avatar strikes a conversation with customers in natural language, understands their preferences and makes personalized recommendations both via speech and text – all in real time!
Add a human-like digital avatar on your Metaverse, Website, Apps or any other digital touch point to provide an interactive customer experience.

Build your Virtual Metaverse Avatar with DaveAI:

Build an avatar that suits your brand and let your customers choose an avatar that’s suits their style.
Virtual Sales Avatar

We work with world-class brands today!

Client of Digital Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Avatar
Client of Virtual Avatar
Client of Digital Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Metaverse Avatar
Client of Virtual Metaverse Avatar

Add an avatar that can
your customers' experience!


A virtual metaverse avatar or a virtual assistant is a virtual salesperson of a brand/company. This human like avatar mimics a human sales brain and can have two-way interactions with the customers in various languages.

A virtual avatar makes communication with the customers direct and easy. Their use smoothly communicates the values of the company in a specific way, and will convert these visitors into faithful customers.

The avatar engages with the user in an integrated and conversational manner using speech recognition and natural language dialogue (NLP) to obtain information; understands customer intent & provides the right product recommendation.

The avatar is made to look like a human and it can be custom-built for each brand. A virtual avatar can also be created to look like a brand ambassador of that brand.

DaveAI can help accelerate the digital transformation of a business, increase sales conversion, optimize brand presence, and improve customer retention by providing solutions like AI chatbots, virtual avatars, virtual stores, micro branch facilities, innovative Metaverse opportunities, and much more.