Tiles and Sanitaryware

Tiles and Sanitaryware

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Create & Manage Your Digital Catalogue with Ease.

Dave.AI comes with pre-generated catalogues for leading tiles and Sanitaryware brands in the country that you may deal with as a retailer giving you a head start in creating a comprehensive digital catalogue for your store.

Intelligent catalog management

Real Time Intelligent 2D & 3D Visualizations.

Leverage Dave.AI’s 2D and 3D Visualizer to visualize products in prebuilt concept rooms. Now help your customers choose the best wall and floor tile combinations, or Light-Highlight-Dark combinations with ease.

Kiosk Based 2D/3D Visualizer

Empower your sales reps to be Product Specialists

With Hype-Real time recommendations, Dave.AI helps sales reps capture customer preferences and help them discover relevant products personalized to their requirements. With Dave.AI by their side, your sales reps are domain experts.

Intelligent Companion for In-store Sales Reps

Automatic Quotation Generator

Dave.AI enables sales reps to shortlist products by rooms for customers, and also in real time calculate the number of tiles required for a room and create a customized quotation for every customer in real time.

Real time customer communication.

Case study

Customer is a leading tiles & Sanitaryware retailer & dealer with 20,000+ square feet of retail space. One of the leading names in the business with a reputation for quality and services for more than 15 years


Using a leading enterprise CRM product to manage sales processes for the last 2 years. Customizing the application to suit a home lifestyle retail sales scenario was cumbersome and expensive. They were still unable to manage their catalogue driven sales efficiently and capture In-Store customer interactions.


Dave.AI's Intelligent In-Store Sales Companion was deployed as the new sales front end(Mobile app used by Sales reps) to impact two key business metrics. Increase Conversion Rates – Help Sales reps capture In-Store customer interactions and effectively follow up with them post visit until closure. Optimize Product Mix – Enable Sales to suggest relevant products in stock that suits customers preferences.


Dave.AI delivered an 18% increase in conversion rate by Enabling sales reps to have more productive sales conversations. More importantly optimized product mix by 55% by helping sales reps recommend products in stock that matched customer preferences and helped avoid redundant orders to brands, increasing their bottom line.


Intelligent Companion for In-store Sales Reps

A Mobile Sales Application with an interactive digital catalogue designed to help In-Store Sales
Reps effectively capture customer preferences and deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Kiosk Based 2D/3D Visualizer

An interactive visualization application for kiosks or web, that helps customers visualize home
lifestyle products in concept rooms with AI powered recommendation

Intelligent Order Manager for Field Sales Reps

A Mobile Sales Application designed to help field sales reps use customer interactions captured
during a visit to sell the ideal product mix and have productive conversion

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