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Virtual / Digital Sales Avatar Improve customer experience by building interactive conversations in a digital world.

Humanize Digital Conversations

With DaveAI, build your digital brand persona that can interact with customers across various digital channels. These avatars mimic a human sales brain, strikes a conversation with customers in natural language, understands their preferences and provides product recommendations in real time.

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State of the art AI

DaveAI is powered by patent pending Empathetic AI technology. With the help of deep neural network & genetic algorithms, DaveAI tracks user behaviour, predicts preferences & makes personalized recommendations both via speech and text. DaveAI’s self-learning engine learns through its interactions with each customer & improves business outcomes with time.


Can be seamlessly deployed on Cloud or On-Premise

Zero Cold-Start Issues

Self Learning System that can start with zero/minimal data


Highly Secure System that is GDPR compliant & aligns with proposed Personal Data Protection Bill

Why DaveAI’s Virtual Sales Avatars?

Deploy Across all Digital touchpoints

Augment your sales experiences across all digital touch points such as website, mobile apps, kiosks, VR, Social etc. DaveAI enabled sales experiences are not just conversations but also a compelling visual experience, the avatar mimics what a sales person does from product demonstration to showcase to sales pitch.