In-Store Customer Experience

Build & Manage an interactive digital product catalogue to help customers discover products easily.

Improve In-Store Customer Experience by helping customers visualize products based on their application, and a better shopping experience with Dave accompanies sales reps.

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Intelligent Visualisations

Help customers visualize products in concept 3D rooms, An interactive visualization application for kiosks or web, that helps customers visualize home lifestyle products in concept rooms. Different concepts to suit diverse categories of home lifestyle retailers from flooring to furniture to furnishing.

Digital product catalogue

Digitally showcase & sell products that are not displayed in the store. Build and manage an comprehensive product catalogue with seamless store level assortment management. As customers look for other options of products in display, help your sales reps digitally showcase products and improve conversion rates.

Intelligent Infinite Virtual Aisle

Dave.AI is powered with patent pending Empathetic AI technology. All our products are powered with Intelligent Recommendations that suits customer preferences and evolves in hyper-real time. With Dave.AI, you will now be able to show the most relevant and products that are highly likely to sell based on a customer’s preference.

Elevated In-Store product discovery

Shortlist products on display using an app & visualize in a kiosks. With our Intelligent sales companion and visualiser applications in-store, sales reps now can seamlessly help customers walk through & shortlist products of interest from the display. Thereafter help them visualise products in concept rooms.

Industry verticals

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