Intelligent Catalogue Management

Build & Manage an interactive digital product catalogue to help customers discover products easily.

Simple catalogue creation & centralized Updation across channels. Use the Sales Companion app to add product images on the go. For certain verticals, retailers can leverage pre-generated product catalogue information available as part of the subscription.

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Automated QR Code and Bar Code Generation

Automated QR Code and Bar Code Generation. Once product database is generated, Dave.AI creates smart shelf edge labels that can be used to shortlist products as customers choose them from the physical display. Create Bar Codes or QR codes based on the utility.

Manage Store Level Product Active Assortment

Consistent & updated product catalogue across all your customer touch points. Updating product catalogues due to churn in products dealt with or in display is a major challenge faced by lifestyle retailers. With Dave.AI, managing active assortment for a store/multiple stores, changing stock information and adding new products has never been this easy.

Omni Channel Enablement

Easily Create catalogue apps for Sales Reps, Dealers, Influencers & Customers. Now Reach out to customers across devices and channels leveraging the catalogue generated. Build your customer app, website or Influencer app (for architects/carpenters/plumbers) easily with Dave.AI.

Industry verticals

Schedule a demo and find out how we do it ?

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