Marketing for Stores

Build & Manage an interactive digital product catalogue to help customers discover products easily.

Simple catalogue creation & centralized Updation across channels. Use the Sales Companion app to add product images on the go. For certain verticals, retailers can leverage pre-generated product catalogue information available as part of the subscription.

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In-Store Customer Communication

Share interested product catalogue details to customers in real time. As customers shortlist products inside the store, they would like to share images with their loved one via E-Mail, SMS or other social media. Customers also get personalized recommendations of other relevant products helping them make quick product discussions.

Effectively Re-Target Store Visitors

Send personalized & targeted marketing with SMS & Email campaigns to improve repeat visit rates and conversion rates. Each email or SMS is based on the product interactions when they visited the store making them relevant and effective. Regular marketing campaigns can also be sent through Dave.AI along with personalized recommendations.

In-Store Digital Signage

Targeted advertisements leveraging In-Store Signage. Visualisation or Navigation applications running on kiosks, can be leveraged to send targeted advertisements. Turn your simple digital signage kiosks into interactive engagement kiosks using Dave.AI’s Intelligent Signage module. Also monetise your kiosks from vendors, with advanced analytics on ad impressions.

Industry verticals

Schedule a demo and find out how we do it ?

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