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An Intelligent Solution that is tailor made to adapt to the nuances of the personal lifestyle Industry.

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Create & Manage Your Digital Catalogue with Ease.

Dave.AI enables brands and retailers to create a digital catalogue on the go with ease using the Sales Companion Mobile Application. With an API powered flexible data model, integrate with your E-Commerce Store or ERP/CRM database and ingest your product data. Dave.AI enables you to manage store level assortment, a detailed product information system that can be used for In-Store Sales App, campaigns, In-Store signage etc.

Intelligent catalog management

Product Discovery Kiosks

Leverage Dave.AI’s Intelligent visualiser solutions, to setup a product discovery kiosk In-Store. Dave.AI can identify customer demographics and initiate a personalized product discovery journey. Customers can also checkout variants and similar products based on products they have discovered from physical VMs. Now showcase products not available in-store with ease, aligned to the In-Store physical product discovery journey

Kiosk Based 2D/3D Visualizer

Capture & Manage Customer Preferences

Customers would like to browse through different variants before making a purchase and it is important to capture their preferences & leverage them to propose a relevant product. In-Store sales reps can capture customer preferences while they are discovering products in the store.


Empower your sales reps to be Product Specialists

Leveraging state of art artificial Intelligence technology to make Hype-Real time recommendations, Dave.AI helps sales reps capture customer preferences and help them discover relevant products personalized to their requirements. With Dave.AI by their side, your sales reps are domain experts.

Intelligent Companion for In-store Sales Reps

Influence Customer Journeys across Channels:

Dave.AI is capable to tracking and learning customer preferences across all your sales/marketing channels. With a plugin for Magento, Dave.AI enables seamless integration with your e-commerce portal. For other portals, leverage Dave.AI API’s for integration. All these interactions - In-Store, Mobile, E-Commerce are learned to send hyper-personalized re-targeting e-mails/SMS to customers.

Real time customer communication.

Case study

A Large Hypermarket Brand with more than 20 stores dealing with a diverse set of products. They are a leading name in adopting new technology to enhance shopping experience for their customers.


Home Furnishing is an important category and the retailer wanted to augment the product discovery experience for customers. Products like bedsheets,curtains etc are folded, packed, stacked in shelves making it difficult for customers to discover and visualize to make a purchase decision.


Dave.AI’s Intelligent 3D Visualizer was deployed in an interactive touch kiosk in the Home furnishing section. Customers could pick products from the shelves, scan them in the kiosk to visualize and further discover other variants as well as products from other categories seamlessly. Dave.AI’s Infinite virtual aisle helped capture & leverage customer preferences to increase conversion rates and average order value.


Dave.AI within three months of deployment helped increase product interactions – discovery rates by >40%, creating an 6% incremental revenue addition in the category. Also with merchandising predictions, the retailer is now able to stock products that are highly likely to sell .


Intelligent Companion for In-store Sales Reps

A Mobile Sales Application with an interactive digital catalogue designed to help In-Store Sales
Reps effectively capture customer preferences and deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Kiosk Based 2D/3D Visualizer

An interactive visualization application for kiosks or web, that helps customers visualize home
lifestyle products in concept rooms with AI powered recommendation

Intelligent Order Manager for Field Sales Reps

A Mobile Sales Application designed to help field sales reps use customer interactions captured
during a visit to sell the ideal product mix and have productive conversion

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