Real Time Customer Communication

Build & Manage an interactive digital product catalogue to help customers discover products easily.

Efficiently manage your sales process and increase sales effectiveness with real time communication with all stakeholders - customers, dealers and influencers.

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Share Product Interests in Real Time

Customers always take a consultative approach while making a purchase decision for their home. Enable your customers share shortlisted product images to their loved ones via SMS, E-Mail or Social networks in real time as they are shopping. This helps them make quick purchase decisions while they are in the store.

Automated Quotation Generation

Eliminate lead times in the sales process across all stages. Once the customer shortlists products, help with assess the investment required with real time quotation generation. With features specific to the industry including product area calculation, real time discounts/pricing adjustments, empower your sales reps focus on the sale rather than spending time on creating manual quotations.

Hyper-Real Time & Hyper-Personalized Recommendations

Enable your sales reps understand factors of influence that impacts a specific customer in hyper-real time as customers share their details and preferences. Leverage data available about your products, existing customers to make a real time & high impact sales conversation.

Customer Campaigns

How often do you intimate a customer on a specific product information or offer, leveraging the interaction that happened while the customer was in-store. Avoid spamming customers with a single communication to all customers. Leverage Dave.AI to send personalized retargeting campaigns across channels.

Industry verticals

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