DaveAI - Benchmarking Case Study

Infrastructure Benchmarking Study for Quick Service Restaurants to implement AI-powered Customer experiences.

AI Workloads – Computer Vision, Speech and NLP, 3D Visualisation powered avatars, AI Affinity Engine
Use case – Intelligent Vehicle detection, Facial Detection, Voice Ordering, Virtual Sales Avatar for a Personalized Ordering Experience

DaveAI conducted a benchmarking study to research about hardware components using benchmarks to assess the feasibility of AI workloads on small form factor deployments at the edge, including devices from Intel and AMD.

According to the study, the pandemic influenced the customer decisions and people were seen favouring kiosk based services to a larger extent than before. Talking about the DaveAI software created to be deployed on kiosks, a lot of factors like environment setup, processor specification and thermal capacity formed the basis of the conclusion and inference of this study.