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3D Visualization – Benefits and Applications

  • Surya Vamsi
  • September 2, 2021
3D Visualization – Benefits and Applications
3D Visualizer- DaveAI
3D Visualizer


3D visualization refers to the process of creating graphical animations using 3D software and renderings.

With an expected CAGR of more than 20% from the year 2020-2026, 3D visualization is expected to be one of the leading market adaptions to serve the modern wheels of various sectors. Numerous industries starting from fashion to architecture and manufacture have witnessed the returns on this cost-effective solution and are on the wagon to explore it further into their systems and websites. These companies have laser-sighted on 3D visualizers not just because of its cost-effectiveness, but also because of its ability to provide the customers a better choice at a much lower price.

Advantages of 3D visualizers

Advantages of 3D visualization - DaveAI
Advantages of 3D visualization

With the rise in updated technologies and falling costs, 3D visualization is the tech-of-the-future enabling the companies to leap from the conventional methods of sales to the upgraded versions of the digital world. A few of the advantages offered by 3D visualization are-


One of the crucial factors strengthening the integrations of 3D visualizations is its cost-effectiveness. Creating a 3D animation is comparatively a lot cheaper and economical than hiring a professional photographer, setting up a scene for the shoot and editing the image for the required output.

Better Product discovery

3D visuals of the product rather than a simple photograph will provide customers with better clarity about the product dimensions. It provides an interactive assessment of the product allowing the customer to observe it from various dimensions before judging it’s fit in the desired atmosphere.

Decreased product Returns

According to a survey, more than 60% of the customers return the product due to a mismatch between the description and the actual product. 3D visualization, however, helps the customer make an informed decision. As a result, the rate of product returns reduces due to the match between expectations and reality.

Unlimited product configuration

Unlike the real-time pictures, 3D visuals of the product are infinitely configurable. This allows for unlimited updates and customizations to the product features with no extra cost.

Visualisation of unfinished products

Companies often run upon deadlines for marketing. It’s sometimes not likely to finish the product in time to take off with the marketing front. With 3D visualizers, however, brands and companies can display their unfinished products and provide the customers with custom 3D models depending on their preferences. Companies can also leverage incoming orders to optimize their inventory size.

Instant customization and pricing

The designers can create instant models as per the client’s preference and generate an instant quote rather than taking days to build a prototype of the product to show it to the customer for their review.

Considering these numerous advantages offered companies and brands from various industries are beginning to leverage 3D visualization.

Few of the industries that are aggressively employing 3D visualizers are-

Home furnishings

Being an industry dominated by the aesthetics of products, the home industry is a key beneficiary of 3D visualization software. Followed by the increasing use of AR/VR, home interiors are now eyeing the advantages offered by visualization. Furniture industries create 3D rendered visuals of their products starting from furniture objects to wall-cladding, laminates, etc to provide a complete 3D demonstration to the customers. Merino Laminates have integrated 3D visuals of laminates allowing the customers to try them out in a customizable 3D room. These products not only represent the rising standards of 3D visualizers but also insist on the advantages of AR and VR.

Merino Laminates 3D visualization
Merino Laminates 3D visualization

The match between the customer expectation and actual product is a dominant factor in the fashion industry. While description and photos of the products like sneakers etc provide a general idea about the product, using a 3D visualizer can provide the customer with realistic ideation of the product allowing him/her to be more aligned with their expectations.

Apparel and Jewelry

Apparel and jewelry represent an unending possibility of personalized customizations depending on the preferences of the client. With every individual having different demands, it is not feasible for brands to showcase a standard designed product. With the use of 3D visualization, brands can configure the visuals to show the end-product to the customer. Following it, they can make the necessary tweaks to meet the customer demands


One of the most productive uses of 3D visualizers comes in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is a complicated field that relies on accuracy and precision to treat patients. Enhanced images of the body systems can help healthcare professionals diagnose underlying medical conditions. Various scanning mechanisms and diagnoses also use 3D visualizations and Computer Aided Drawing for identifying the conditions.

The 3D visuals of the human anatomy can also be used in process of training the upcoming professionals.


3D rendering allows the designers to create potential architectural structures allowing the clients to view the structures from multiple angles. The clients can not only understand the features better with 3D visualization but also suggest changes in the structural designs before materializing the actual structure.

Manufacture and Designing

3D Visualizers empower the designer with an accurate prototype of the equipment with detailed features and dimensions. Assisted through Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), the manufacturers can easily identify the flaws in the equipment.

Future of 3D visualisation

With technology constantly altering the world around us and businesses exploring creative and sophisticated ways to interact with the customers, there’s a limitless possibility for 3D visualizers and virtual stores to take the center stage in the future tech world. With its cost-effective and high return ratios, it’s pretty much impossible to visualize a future without 3D.

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