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About Dave.AI

Dave.AI is an Artificial Intelligence powered sales augmentation platform.
The platform helps brands create a virtual sales avatar to understand their customers, customer’s preferences & deliver a personalized value selling experience that improves profitable sales for the brand.

We have developed a patent pending Artificial Intelligence Technology called Empathetic AI, which can be deployed at the store-front on a mobile device, in the web or within a VR environment. With every deployment we have shown increased customer engagement, conversion rates, optimised product mix and increasedaverage order value per customer. Dave.AI’s Interactive Adaptive Infinite Virtual Aisle (AIVA) © makes advanced hyper-real time recommendations personalized to each customer, while understanding the customer journey leading towards a successful purchase..

Dave.AI is modeled around the brain of a sales person. It uses deep neural networks and proprietary genetic algorithms to short circuit the information loop delivering hyper-real time recommendations leveraging data collected intelligently from the physical store front and via sales reps.

About Dave.AI

Partner ecosystem

Dave.AI as a platform is available for SIs, Consultants, Technology Companies, VARs et al to customise, integrate
or build intelligent solutions for customers.

Dave.AI partners

Incubators & Accelerators

Sociograph is a GOI/DIPP recognised startup and is associated with accelerators and incubation partners for Industry access, mentorship and ecosystem partnerships. Talk to a founder!

Dave.AI Resellers

Value added resellers

Our products are available for value added resellers to customise and implement for their customers or resell & support off the shelve products.Be a Partner !

Dave.AI innovation partners

Co-Innovative Partners

Build a customised solution for your customer, integrate with an existing product to build an Industry specific AI solution that could be white labeled. Be a Partner!


Our Team
Team Dave.AI

Ananthakrishnan Gopal

Co-founder & CTO

Team Dave.AI

Sriram P H

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist

Team Dave.AI

Ashok Balasundaram

Co-founder & Domain Lead

Team Dave.AI

Dinesh Penugonda

Data Analytics Engineer

Team Dave.AI

Soham Dutta

Machine Learning Practitioner

Team Dave.AI

Mruthyum Jay

Operations Engineer

Team Dave.AI


Creative Specialist

Team Dave.AI

Divesh Rana

Creative Specialist

Team Dave.AI

Sreenath P G

Digital Experience Engineer

Team Dave.AI

Vidya Prabhu

Business Analyst


Dave.AI awards
Dave.AI awards
Dave.AI awards
Dave.AI awards


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