Dave is a sales companion for your Enterprise

Dave uses patent pending Empathatic AI Technology. It captures customer journeys and understands what exactly the customer is looking for. Not only that, by understanding the customer it also captures the Influence Factors for a customer to choose a certain product. When your sales agent is making sale, Dave is able to predict all the factors that go into making the best possible sales specific to the customer. The learning is Across the Enterprise, Across all Sales Channels.

Dave for Outbound Calling Centres

Dave is the best possible Sales Companion for your Sales Agents who do Outbound Calling.
Dave captures Scripts and Sales Tactics from across the organization and learns where it would work.
So Dave enables your sales agents to employ the most effective Strategy Specific to Each and Every Customer that they talk to.

Char UI
Dave Prioritizes
Interaction insight
Product Mix
Dave Predicts
Dave Learns
Case Study

Smart Catalogue Sherpa with Dave

Dave's Intelligence is now available as a Hyper-personalized Catalogue Sherpa. In-store or field sales personnel can now use Dave's technology to interactively show-case a catalogue while understanding the preferences of the customer.

Dave helps Discovery
Predict Quantities
Case Study

Aigento => E-Commerce

E-Commerce stores can Boost Conversions up to 20% by using Dave's Avatar called 'Aigento'. Aigento can recommend the right products as well as the right reviews to be show-cased based on the customer's interaction history on your web-site.

Recommender system
Magento Plugin

How does it work

  • Configure your Models

    Tell Dave.Ai about what you know about your customer, products and other interactions between the customers and products.

  • Upload your data

    You can upload your customer, product and purchase data via CSV files or via Dave.Ai's rich JSON API.

  • Get the most out of Dave.Ai

    Dave.Ai is an intelligent platform which can give key actionables in real-time, helping enterprises sell better.

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