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How can retailers leverage QR codes to create Social Distancing Friendly In-Store Product Discovery Experience?

  • Sriram P H
  • May 21, 2021
How can retailers leverage QR codes to create Social Distancing Friendly In-Store Product Discovery Experience?

Leverage QR codes to create Social Distancing as it have emerged as one of the key components of In-Store retail technology with the advent of smart payments, self checkout, interactive marketing collaterals and promotions. There are various resources (a few are mentioned below in this article) that you can refer to check out how some large retailers have incorporated QR Codes. 
In this blog, we will discuss on what are the other use cases for QR Codes and how do they benefit  retailers, especially in the lifestyle retail segment. Retailers can leverage QR Code powered Shelf Edge Labels to create Social Distancing friendly, touch-free product discovery experiences. 
Below are two key usage scenarios on how QR codes enable better In-Store Experience for Retailers of any scale. 

  • Real Time & Updated Product Information: Enable your In-Store Sales representatives scan a QR code enabled Smart Shelf Edge Label to access/ provide relevant and updated product information to customers. Prices and Stock Information is highly dynamic and it makes a huge difference in experience if the sales reps are able to be self sufficient while having sales conversations with customers. The retailer can also enable customers to directly access this information. 
  • Collect Intelligent In-Store Interaction Data: Most Lifestyle retailers, irrespective of small/medium/large place significant emphasis on effective merchandising. In-Store Sales Softwares like Dave.AI enable sales reps to collect intelligent customer preference data, for e.g. product likes/dislikes using a QR Code enabled shelf edge label. 
leverage QR codes to create Social Distancing
leverage QR codes to create Social Distancing

How Easy is it to create QR Codes for your Product Database?
There are various QR code software for retail stores like In some cases POS software for retail stores or billing software for retail store has these features.

We recommend using a software to maintain an updated product database where you can print QR Codes based on your requirement. You can schedule a demo here to see how easy it is to onboard Dave.AI for your store to create QR code powered Smart Shelf Edge Labels helping you manage your product database, customer engagement & much more. Dave also provides a easy to use interface to manage stock and update product data. You can integrate your Product Information System with Dave.Ai to create QR code powered labels in real time.

Dave.AI can also simultaneously generate bar codes that can be used for updating inventory in Tally Software for retail store.
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