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The purpose of a virtual avatar is to smoothly communicate the offerings of the company in a specific way and convert visitors into faithful customers.

With the power of speech, data, and intelligence, DaveAI offers an unmatched customer product discovery experience with virtual sales avatar across different sectors.

DaveAI’s virtual store provides an immersive customer experience with the help of a chatbot/voicebot or a virtual avatar with whom customers can converse and obtain real-time product recommendations.

Dave is available on all platforms include webistes, applications, Metaverse and devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, VR headsets and kiosks.

DaveAI is a self-learning system powered by online learning genetic algorithms and deep neural networks. DaveAI avatars strikes a conversation with customers in natural language, understands their preferences and makes personalized recommendations.

Yes, DaveAI adopts industry best practices on security including SSL encryption for data in transit, multifactory authentication for data when stored, firewall and port security for database and other data.

Yes, DaveAIs RESTful APIs allow quick and seamless integration with enterprise systems.

Industries like Home & Decor, Automobile, Banking & Financial Services, Apparel & Fashion can benefit the most from Dave solutions.

Yes, Dave can deliver real-time personalized product recommendations that suit each customer’s tastes and preferences across all touchpoints based on the business requirements.

You can get started with DaveAI solutions by reaching out to us and scheduling a demo: Click here to book demo