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AI and its aid to the rapid technological advances seen today

  • Jui Bagul
  • May 11, 2022
AI and its aid to the rapid technological advances seen today

Artificial Intelligence; a magnum opus in the field of technology today, has been paving the way for various innovations in the country. Talking about the significance of AI in many areas today, one trending topic engulfing sectors like retail, automobile, and banking is that of virtual avatars. Metaverse; being adopted by various businesses today and brought into the reality of the brand-consumer relationships, the use of virtual avatars can be seen advancing not at a ‘climb the ladder’ pace but at the pace, a Bugatti Chiron would take you around.

Nowadays, with the presence of realistic motion avatars bound with IQ and EQ, establishing direct contact with the customers in their natural language without any time or location limitations and creating a user presence in any virtual world, and developing a Metaverse has become possible. These digital humans are displaying human-like personalities that completely shift the business-customer dynamics, and bring about a change no one thought could be here this soon.

It is a very promising period for AI in India today. AI is a technology that can expose various industries to endless business opportunities to expand revenue streams and provide a high standard of living to consumers.

With an emphasis on the revolution brought around by AI, as India celebrates National Technology day on the 11th of May every year, here’s looking at a few AI-based startups creating waves with innovations in various industries.

1. Emotix  

Emotix is a Mumbai-based startup. The startup has a product named Miko that helps in parental activities and functions by keeping children engaged in productive pursuits. The technology that has been leveraged works to identify the current mood, build conversations, and gather information from its surroundings to provide a real-time experience.

2. Myelin Foundry  

Myelin Foundry was incorporated in 2019. It is a deep tech product startup based in Bengaluru that works around technology innovation. This startup helps drive industry outcomes through a transformation by building AI algorithms on video, voice, and sensor data. The offerings include transforming video experiences through real-time enhancement and edge analytics on the viewing experience, on the user’s device, Enhancing audiovisual experiences in vehicles, and bringing the power of advanced neural compute to the shopfloor, automating decisions on reliability, availability, and maintainability of plant equipment.

 3. Ziptrax Cleantech

Ziptrax cleantech is a Delhi-based startup that helps make lithium batteries last for up to 40 percent longer. It has developed a digital platform to collect used batteries. This startup uses AI to repurpose these discarded Li-ion batteries.

4. LogiNext   

LogiNext is a logistics and field service management startup. It was Founded in 2014. It provides data analytics, asset tracking services, and guidance for warehouse management. The highly configurable enterprise logistics management software solutions are designed to serve all client needs using smart technology and big data analytics enabling comprehensive field service management.

5. Ishitva Robotic Systems   

Ishitva robotic systems was established in 2018. It is an Ahmedabad-based startup that helps solve waste sorting problems by providing products that use Industry 4.0 technologies. With its proprietary algorithm ‘ishitvAI’, they have been able to achieve automated high volume and better quality sorting in a fraction of time as compared to human sorting. They have one of the most comprehensive image databases for waste classifications and being a self-learning tool it is enhancing its capabilities every passing minute. The focus is on creating an effective and efficient sorting system to improve both quantity as well as quality of recycling activities.

Various innovations with the help of AI are bringing about a sustainable change in the present scenario of the world. Consumer demands are being met beyond expectations and the constant evolution is allowing people to take a fresh breath while carrying out worldly activities. As it was rightly quoted by Bill Gates, information technology and businesses are becoming inextricably interwoven. Nobody can talk meaningful about one without talking about the other. Imagining a world and its industrial existence without technology has become next to impossible. So here’s to all the contributions made by AI and the benefits the technological evolution has brought into our lives. Technology has become a rock-solid part of our existence, leading the way for the world to witness luxury at its full potential. With an enhanced quality of life, we are at a stage where we have the most advanced amenities to experience than we ever had before, only to continue on this path to achieve comfort and convenience of all times.