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A glimpse into the rapidly emerging digital reality of the Metaverse

  • Jui Bagul
  • November 22, 2021
A glimpse into the rapidly emerging digital reality of the Metaverse

With the concept of Metaverse being fanned vigorously every day today, everyone wants to know about what this metaverse would entail especially after the big announcement made by Facebook recently. Let’s jump into a few scenarios that would soon become a reality.

Connecting with people has always been the driving force behind this grand vision of the Metaverse to be contemplated with the conviction seen today. Artificial Intelligence has been making credible improvements through innovations leaving a permanent impact on everyone’s life. With this technology serving everyone a prelude to its true potential, everything that the Metaverse wants to bring to us bridges the gap between the science fiction we have been reading about for years with reality. Some innovations shown in “The Jetsons” if you remember were a future possibility that had an uncanny precision to it and it was symbolic of our obsession with the future that spread through cultures over the years.

The Home space

With virtual reality crawling into our day-to-day activities, imagining to be in spaces has been replaced by the actual reality of it. There might have been instances where you would have been away from home and missed being in your own room, looking at your favourite paintings hung on the wall and that cup of coffee every evening with your family, still remember the smell, the laughter, don’t you? The Metaverse will bring you back home to feel the interiors of the house, roam around and enjoy that cup of coffee just like the genie out of the Alladin lamp granting you your wish.  Already rooting for the Metaverse to come to life, aren’t you?

The Office space

The pandemic has stamp-checked the idea of remote work and has declared that it is here to stay for a long time for a lot of people. Missing the interiors of the office space and faces of colleagues has become common. The Metaverse will bring in a welcome change that would bring your work setup, the sense of presence, and shared physical space to your doorstep without any commute from any corner of the world. The Metaverse will bring in the comfort of working at home with the excitement of working at an office together with different worlds coexisting seamlessly. This unique blend will bring in a broader shift in the economy leaving ample time at hand to do more things in life.

Meta - Office space
Meta – Office space

Other aspects

Entering the world of Metaverse with your friends and loved ones as virtual avatars to celebrate birthdays, attending parties is going to be the game-changer that helps reconnect with friends and strengthen relationships. With holograms replacing screens, a simpler approach to avail various facilities provided by technology would be seen in all spheres of life. Shedding those extra calories even while you are away from your gym instructor would be a piece of cake with a virtual trainer in your chosen space. Entertainment would be a huge part of this world with you getting a chance to play various games; sports gear and all. Like who wouldn’t want to experience fencing with Olympic gold medalist Lee Kiefer.

Meta - Horizon Home concept
Meta – Horizon Home concept

Meta -  Horizon Worlds concept
Meta – Horizon Worlds concept

Even though this shared space would bring people closer, the feature of privacy would be intact always for you to decide when you want to be with people and when you would like to isolate yourself somewhere peaceful for some quintessential ‘me time’. Getting things from the physical world into the Metaverse would also enable you to share movies, books, music , and art with people that would eliminate the inequality associated with the availability of resources today to bring equal opportunities to everyone.

AI capabilities are empowering these real-time mixed reality experiences by understanding the environment, deciphering the content placement, and building voice and hand interactions. Interactive virtual reality and augmented reality will enable projecting the real-world objects in the Metaverse easily. Bringing in emotions to the human avatars in this Metaverse is another feature that is in process that would be able to imitate actual human facial expressions including making eye contact while conversing with each other.

Microsoft has also entered the race to attain a persistent digital world with its application of video conferencing joining hands with holographic experiences. In a bid to join the Metaverse, 3D virtual avatars and surroundings are going to be deployed for people to be able to collaborate in the virtual world. The potential of mixed reality is infinite and unlocking various new experiences with technology to map the world around us in a closely-knit environment would be something worth looking out for.

So ready to build your avatars and let the Metaverse take you on a ride through the 19th-century sci-fi novels?

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