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How to run a successful Virtual Trade Show with DaveAI

  • Kevan Jacob
  • May 24, 2021
How to run a successful Virtual Trade Show with DaveAI

Running a roadshow or a virtual trade show is one of the most highlighted events in the textile industry, as people look forward to it every year. Wholesalers, retailers, importers, and exporters from all over the world travel to come and view different collections of apparel on sale by different vendors. Every design is made into a sample and buyers can feel the fabrics to decide what to order in bulk.

Virtual Trade Show with DaveAI

But now, the entire scenario has changed as people find it a health risk to travel and physically attend a tradeshow. In such situations, hosting a Virtual Trade Show would be one of the perfect solutions. Imagine the whole show running online where vendors showcase their designs and collections in a virtual environment and buyers can view and select them, simply by sitting at home. They can view the products on a mobile device or even a webpage where their purchase behavior can be analyzed and can be provided with the right purchase decision. The main thing about virtual tradeshows is the ease of use for both buyers and vendors. This is where the textile industry is headed.

How does it happen?
A virtual tradeshow connects the apparel and textile industry to make a digital product showcase. This online B2B event brings various brands, companies, partners, etc. under a single roof.

The exhibitors are vendors from various companies who are in the retail industry. These vendors can build virtual spaces to exhibit information in the form of images and 3D models related to their products, ensuring that they would get an experience similar to that of a conventional tradeshow.

The attendees are buyers who view these collections and place bulk orders. The main buyers who attend a tradeshow are:

  • Key accounts, who are given priority for bulk orders.
  • MBO’s i.e Multi branded outlets, which are independent stores.
  • EBO’s i.e Exclusive branded outlets, which house a single brand.

Wholesalers, retailers, importers, and exporters are the others who attend a virtual tradeshow.

DaveAI as a Virtual Platform
With the power of AI, Dave offers a comprehensive digital platform helping brands to display their collections and merchandise to the desired audience. This digital showcase is made effective with a Virtual Sales Avatar that has the capability to understand individual customer’s tastes and preferences. This virtual avatar chosen by the brand can be a look-alike of the brand ambassador or it can be customized based on their preferences. This human-like avatar can showcase products and can interact with the buyers via voice or text in real-time and answer all their queries. With the capability to store limitless information, the platform can showcase the attires based on the incoming trends, thereby increasing the chances of a purchase.
Why host a virtual tradeshow with DaveAI
The right platform undoubtedly increases prospect conversion. Dave AI provides a comprehensive platform with the right options to organize a virtual tradeshow with unlimited aspects and showcases. 

Virtual Tradeshow

3D Product Showcasing

The entire virtual environment is created where each exhibitor is allocated a particular space. The platform allows vendors to give any number of designs and then transform these images by rendering them into a range of 3D modeled designs by using a state-of-the-art proprietary rendering technology so that the buyer can view the collections in 360 degrees. The platform can create and render unlimited 3D prototypes and one can rotate, pan, and move the designs to see various views. The models created are modeled to perfection and are life-like, just as the buyer would view them in real life.

Virtual Avatar

The platform has a virtual avatar to help you with all the functionalities, right from explaining about the products in detail to placing orders for the buyer, DaveAI can do it all. With the power of Speech and NLP, this human-like avatar can interact with the buyers in any language by asking the right questions in expedient time frames and delivering the right response to the buyer’s queries in real-time.

DaveAI uses the understanding of the customer as well as the products and their features to make hyper-personalized product recommendations for each buyer. It is basically choosing the right product for the right customer at the right time. While talking about designs, Dave can also suggest other similar related designs that might pique the buyer’s interest. By understanding the buyer’s taste and analyzing the data, Dave is able to make personalized, real-time, intelligent recommendations.

Matchmaking is a process of offering networking benefits to vendors and buyers. This is mainly done to help businesses connect with the right collaborators. Brands and retailers can be matched with the right companies based on similar apparel interests. Based on the requirement of the buyer and his necessities in terms of fabric or any other aspect of the merchandise, the algorithm quickly helps them match with the right brand and design.

It is very easy to use this virtual platform as it is a one-stop place for all buyers. By engaging with the avatar you can make purchase orders easily and quickly. One crucial factor here is that costs can be minimized since there is no traveling involved as everything happens online.

The DaveAI platform offers highly configurable designs of the virtual trade show which allows the brands to present the products and merchandise in a more optimally engaging way. And with the possibility to view the roadshow in an interactive manner, the attendees can get assistance to any queries and concerns in real-time. As a result, the viewers can leave with a completely answered and resolved approach to the product enabling a better and informed decision.