With Social Distancing & Rapid adoption of AI in digital signage, Touch Free Interactivity in digital kiosks could be the new norm.

Touch Free Interactivity
Touch Free Interactivity

As the Covid-19 crisis has caught up across the globe, Retailers are working hard to adapt with limited resources on transforming their spaces to be social distancing friendly. The unsung warriors in the fight against Covid-19 are retailers that include your local convenience stores to supermarkets and hypermarkets looking to create a safe environment for their employees, customers and other partners while ensuring availability of essential supplies. With a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry and a platform that’s designed to create intelligent digital experiences, Dave.AI a Nasscom Deep tech club member is now helping retail brands quickly transform their stores into social distancing friendly (touch Free Interactivity) retail spaces. Digital Signages are vastly used as touch screen kiosks for In-Store Navigation, Product Discovery, Self Checkout etc.

As retailers are relying on sanitisation to keep the screens germ free, touch-free kiosks could be the new norm. One of the key aspects of modern retail is interactive digital signage. Many retailers including retail spaces like airports and malls have invested in touch screen interactive kiosks for In-Store Navigation, digital signage, self service etc. Beyond social distancing,  touching common surfaces should also be limited to add extra caution. Dave.AI with its Virtual Avatar transforms kiosks into Speech Powered Interaction points. The platform uses facial detection, Speech technology and a recommender system allowing users to talk to a virtual avatar in these kiosks and access relevant information without having to touch the screen. Brands can build a virtual sales avatar, a navigation assistant, customer support avatar or personalized real time content like ads depending on their requirement.  Leading brands in India have seen an 18% increase in engagement with these touch free intelligent signages powered by Speech technology. Dave.AI a Nasscom Deep tech club member is now leveraging their platform to help retail brands quickly transform their stores into social distancing friendly retail spaces. Well, this could be the new normal.

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