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Top 10 Benefits of AI chatbots

  • Jui Bagul
  • October 29, 2021
Top 10 Benefits of AI chatbots

An AI chatbot is a tool or software that can converse with people on digital platforms in order to make personalized guidance available to the users.

Benefits of AI chatbots for Businesses

The top 10 benefits of chatbots put together by DaveAI that help businesses are:

1. Minimize the cost of customer support :

Using Automation while providing customer support to people on various digital platforms can reduce the cost of hiring manpower and eliminate the need for extra resources like equipment to train employees and support customer interactions.

Karnataka Bank Use Case ,  top 10 benefits of chatbots
Karnataka Bank Use Case

You can watch the working of this bot here: Karnataka Bank – DhIRA

2. Improve customer experience with personalization:

AI chatbots can have human-like conversations with customers that help solve various customized queries and doubts people may have about a situation.

Query suggestions A strategy to provide the feature of personalization through the chatbot that simplifies the journey of discovery.

3. Enhance the process of customer integration:

There is always reluctance when it comes to finding things independently. This is where AI chatbots guide customers at every surfacing query while touring the digital world and make the onboarding process easy.

4. Analyze customer data to understand customer preferences:

AI chatbots have the capacity to gather insights from the behavioral patterns of customers with the help of data obtained and customer feedback surveys can also be conducted to make improvements. These insights help recognize customer preferences accurately.

5. Fulfill demands of the customers:

AI chatbots provide features to satisfy customer demands. The features range from instant complaint rectifications to accurate information to queries.

Neighbourhood options A feature that can provide quick answers to questions demanding responses that have an individualistic approach and hence variations.

6.  Serve automation with a human touch:

On certain rare occasions, it may happen that the chatbot is not able to provide information in detail. In such cases, being routed to a human agent is necessary. That is why it is imperative to make live chat with a real person available to guarantee a comprehensive customer journey.

7. Initiate a seamless digital journey:

An incommodious experience on a digital platform can make customers lose interest and log out at any instance, making the business suffer a lot of losses. AI chatbots discard the complexity factor and make the journey smooth.

Proactive nudge A strategy that can be used by a brand to advise customers with pertinent knowledge from time to time and encourage them to make an accurate decision.

8. Increase demand generation:

The benefits of conversational AI can keep the customers engaged and hence loyal to a business for a long time and also attract a new line of clients. This helps generate leads and improve the conversion rates of a business.

Frequently asked questions A feature that can be used for a chatbot to provide clarification on certain common issues during the process of navigation on each page.

9. Concoct a marketing plan:

Intelligent chatbots can be used as a part of the marketing campaign to target audiences with appropriate content that helps increase sales and helps develop authentic relationships with customers.

10. Influence a large population:

Chatbots have the capability to handle multiple queries all at once. This helps a brand reach more people, create a name for itself in the global market and gain recognition.

Benefits of AI chatbots for Customers

The top 10 benefits of chatbots put together by DaveAI that help customers are:

1. Purchase without human intervention:

AI chatbots serve as personal guides that enable consumers to purchase an item or avail services on different channels at their own convenience without any human interference.

2. Participate in a personalized journey:

These bots are intelligent and have the capability to understand user intent and sprinkle a pinch of personalization with every interaction. So product discovery becomes instant and hassle-free.

3. Avail an omnichannel experience:

AI chatbot functionalities can be availed on various channels like websites, applications, VR headsets, etc.

4. Receive guidance in the preferred language:

Chatbots have the ability to interact with users in their own preferred language based on how they have been trained. Conversing in the native language becomes convenient.

5. Get prompt answers:

Getting quick answers to questions and availing services becomes a time-saving solution that encourages more activities on the website and reduces the risk of any kind of loss.

6. Get assured consistency in the replies:

Uniformity in the responses provided by AI chatbots helps customers understand replies quickly, proceed in the appropriate direction and find a trustworthy brand.

7. Use services any time of the day:

AI chatbots provide customer support services at any time of the day and are not bound to timing limitations.

8. Enjoy a quirky approach to touring a digital platform:

AI chatbots make a visit on an online platform, not just easy but also fun. Interacting with these chatbots that provide a repartee in form of media or witty responses is quite entertaining.

9. Receive relevant offers:

Imagine watching an advertisement or reading about the arrival of a new product and thinking, ” This is exactly what I was looking for!” You would be inquisitive about the brand, wouldn’t you? Seeing or reading about something you want to acquire in life without having to waste resources while looking for it is the dream sequence everyone picturizes in the hope for it to manifest.

10. Recognize global brands to buy better:

Sometimes gaining knowledge about existing products that are not local becomes difficult. But if these items have the ability to provide better experiences and services then you miss out on a chance to get something worthwhile for your resources spent. AI Chatbots help maintain global connectivity between the buyers and sellers.

DaveAI chatbots support business objectives to provide benefits to not just businesses but also the end-users of a business. These AI virtual assistants have a wide range of features to demonstrate.

Features of DaveAI chatbots

Features of DaveAI chatbots

1. Prognostic content: DaveAI chatbots have the capability of providing suggestions to the user while a certain query gets typed to allow faster discovery of relevant results.

2. Intelligent backend: DaveAI chatbots have an intelligent backend that allows seamless integrations.

3. Real-time suggestions: DaveAI chatbots have the ability to provide recommendations to assist use cases of the sales domain.

4. Analysis: DaveAI chatbots deliver viable insights to be used for business decisions based on data.

Would you like to avail all the perks offered by chatbots?

If you want to use an AI chatbot for your business, we can help you design and deploy the strategy on your platform. Book a demo with us to know all about the implementation of the solution. You can also visit our website to learn more. To get answers to common chatbot-related queries, visit this guide: AI chatbot guide.