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Indian Marble Industry Embracing Technology for Business Growth

  • Vidya
  • May 21, 2021
Indian Marble Industry Embracing Technology for Business Growth

Technology for Business Growth in the Indian Marble Industry which once gradually made its way into the market is now a popular choice for a wide range of exporters and retailers of both SME and large enterprises. Being one of the oldest and labor intensive industries in the world, the marble industry is now constantly turning into a relatively capital intensive sector and is almost fully computerized in many parts of the world. Be it extraction, production, logistics, design, applications, technique or styling, technological innovation in this global market has carved a niche out for itself. India has remained one the top 10 global producer of marbles for the last decade.

In this light, it becomes essential to understand the influence of technology in the Indian Marble market and to try and glean how tech-trends have led to the rise of the industry and what it has in store for the future. Mahek Bheda, Managing Partner – Gala Marble World one of the recognized marble player established in Bengaluru – speaks about how technology has gained importance in the field of marbles where India is not only a global leader, but a huge net exporter and also how they are utilizing technology to better their business.

He says “ Today technology is one of the major factor which drives almost everything. Right from the basic necessities to all the premium necessities technology has contributed in a very important manner. To us technology has been a time saver, helped us in cost cutting and made us more efficient. It is therefore very important for us to make the best use of technology in our business. We also look forward to continue to use and adapt innovative tech in every aspect of the business in order to be more productive”.

Indian retailers are always on a look out for the optimization and implementation of the most innovative technologies so that they can fetch a successful increase in margin, in greater production speed, in lower energy consumption levels and in the productivity of their resources.

Technology for Business Growth
Technology for Business Growth

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