Carrier – Interactive 3D Campaign with Virtual Avatar

Carrier introduced a 3D ad campaign for Haori, in collaboration with DaveAI. Departing from the ordinary, this campaign transcends traditional advertisements, immersing viewers in a virtual living space where the Haori Air-conditioner becomes the focal point. An avatar seamlessly blends technology and storytelling to redefine the advertising landscape

Features and Functionality:

  • The ad campaign has been designed to run across 5000 digital kiosks in Singapore. This 3D ad campaign invites viewers to scan a QR code, unlocking a conversation with a virtual avatar. Speaking in English, the avatar as the narrator engages viewers in a unique dialogue about Haori's customizable fabric covers that elevate the AC unit to a piece of personalized art.
  • By scanning the QR code, viewers seamlessly transition to Haori's website, where the virtual avatar becomes the users guide, offering an exclusive interface for an immersive shopping experience. The virtual avatar narrates the features of the product both in the ad as well as on the website when the user scans the QR code.
  • This ad campaign employs generative AI powered 3D visualization and a virtual avatar synthesis pipeline to create a visually captivating narrative that sets it apart from conventional advertising. Two generative AI features from DaveAI's pipeline were used: (i) Automated Real time 3D Synthesis - Text to 3D Avatar (ii) Automated Scene(Image/Video) Creation from 3D Assets
  • This solution involved the creation of a visually stunning 3D-rendered space with product visualization of Haori air conditioner fabric covers created from 3D Assets configured in the 3D AI platform of DaveAI.
  • DaveAI trained the AI models in-house, allowing for greater control over how AI behaves, ensuring that the avatar accurately represents the brand's vision and values. DaveAI’s GenAI Middleware Hub - played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the AI models and the application layer. This hub facilitated the integration of AI-generated content into the campaign, streamlining the workflow.

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Venturing into the realm of cutting-edge marketing, Haori made a strategic move to invest in a virtual avatar as its brand ambassador through a 3D ad campaign. Haori embraced generative AI to not only captivate the audience but also establish a memorable brand presence in the competitive landscape. In this collaboration between Carrier and DaveAI, we present a holiday ad campaign that provides an immersive experience. Embracing 3D technology communicates a commitment to innovation and modernity. This positions the company as forward-thinking and willing to adopt cutting-edge approaches to connect with its audience. The incorporation of a virtual avatar, in this case, Kajal from DaveAI's avatar stack, fosters direct interaction with the audience. Using AI not only reduced the time and cost associated with traditional photography and videography but also offered unparalleled flexibility in content creation. The solution integrates various technical platforms and services from DaveAI’s proprietary automated rendering and visual synthesis system to create a seamless and efficient production pipeline.


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