Karnataka Bank- DhIRA

Karnataka bank introduces DhIRA a Virtual Assistant Experience powered by DaveAI to emerge as the digital bank of the future. Karnataka Bank in partnership with DaveAI has launched an AI powered virtual assistant called DhIRA on their websites and kiosks to take the role of a Karnataka bank’s Digital Human Interactive Relationship Assistant that guides users visiting their official platforms.

Features and Functionalities

  • Real time assistance to customers.
  • Relevant responses after identifying customer intent.
  • Consistent improvement of accuracy.
  • Autocomplete questions or intents to save time
  • Intent clarification throughout the conversation to avoid errors.
  • Contextualized questions to help simplify product discovery.
  • Constant guidance for navigation.
  • Triggers and personalized nudges to determine the next best suitable action.

Unlock the wonders of the DhIRA with a simple click!

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When it comes to a digital journey in the banking sector today, customers getting stuck due to lack of assistance can be seen on a large scale. Losing interest due to lack of empathy is also a common dilemma. With the rising need to cater to the needs of the consumer digitally, providing products and services through digital channels is a necessity. Then how to deploy experiences that the market demands today and also make sure that the customers have a satisfactory response? A digital assistant is the answer. The human touch helps build trust and have a positive experience while banking instead of the usual anxiety that comes with digital financial transactions.


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