Kotak Mahindra Bank – Metaverse

Kotak Mahindra bank has has invested in a Metaverse project for its customers in collaboration with DaveAI. The name of this virtual space is Konaverse. The space speaks fluently about the essence of the bank that helps customers feel the familiar tug of emotion that comes with a physical bank branch visit. The user can complete various financial tasks with the help of a digital assistant named Keya in an immersive environment irrespective of time and location. The experience is personalized, empathetic and less time-consuming.

Features and Functionalities

  • The user first has to register with a valid mobile number and then enter the Konaverse by selecting an avatar of choice.
  • Once the user gets access to the virtual world, stunning visuals and a personal digital assistant await the user.
  • The user then has options to click a Selfie at a beautiful backdrop in the Metaverse, rotate full screen, run, jump, and call Keya for assistance. The selfie gets downloaded in the device as a souvenir of the tour.
  • The user can access various finance-related options like account operations, card accessibility, etc as this platform provides a range of financial products and services to cater to the diverse needs of customers.
  • Keya is a digital assistant that the user can summon anytime and ask her any queries they have to make the most of their Metaverse banking experience. Keya provides accurate navigation utilities.

Unlock the wonders of the Konaverse with a simple click!

Enter Konaverse


Virtual space projects like these are helping banks and financial institutions gain a deeper understanding of issues customers have, find solutions to specific problem statements, create long term plans for growth and develop a long-lasting bond with the customers. Conversational AI is at the centre of this universe giving digital humans in the Metaverse a brain, voice and life. These clones are crafted with a development process of model creation, motion capturing and real time rendering. Effectiveness depends on the perfect amalgamation of industry-specific multilingual NLP, an AI brain for profile dominant engagement, ecosystem integration and multi-platform scalability. With Metaverse banks can provide advice in an emotive way that messages and mails simply do not, make immersive education experiences available for employees, and deploy safer wealth management and investment options for different assets.


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