Maruti Suzuki Metaverse- Nexaverse

DaveAI powered NEXAVERSE generated 20% E bookings in the first 3 months for Maruti Suzuki. In partnership with DaveAI, the idea of NEXAVERSE – a standalone Metaverse was formulated to launch the Grand Vitara in a virtual Nexa showroom.

Features and Functionalities

  • Web based Nexaverse experience on WegGL 2.0 with real time rendering accessible on mobile devices, desktops, tabs etc.
  • Virtual Reality Nexaverse experience available through VR headsets.
  • 3D models of the cars that are converted into optimized life-like models.
  • Customer avatar selection in the Metaverse to explore the space.
  • Photo-realism of the Nexaverse to bring the real showroom visit experience to people's doorstep.
  • Zero registration hassles with e booking process.
  • In depth, 3D accessibility of the interiors and exteriors of the model selected.
  • A tour of the showroom to book a test drive.

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People today not only spend a considerable amount of time in the virtual world for entertainment but they also conduct various commerce related activities in this space. The key take-away from this changing landscape is the fact that, in the future, a large proportion of human interactions are going to be in this virtual world or the Metaverse. For many years, the automobile sector has been experiencing a paradigm shift which has left traditional market demands behind. The new wave of innovations has brought with it the need to re-consider long-held assumptions around business models and customer engagement. To be a part of this paradigm shift, Maruti Suzuki decided to consider a new way to engage with customers and operate as a business.


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