Maruti Suzuki – Virtual Sales Avatar

DaveAI powered digital experiences crossed 18 million unique customer interactions in 18 months on the Maruti Suzuki platform! Maruti Suzuki in collaboration with DaveAI launched an AI powered virtual sales avatar as the digital twin of the Maruti Suzuki showroom relationship manager. Powered by speech and NLP, this digital assistant helps provide personalized solutions to the customer at every touchpoint.

Features and Functionalities

  • Replying to FAQs, tracking user’s activity within the page to contextualize the discussion.
  • Proactive assistance, motivational nudges for customers at regular intervals.
  • Learns from customer interaction data, improves accuracy and business outcomes.
  • Assist Customers in quick product discovery.
  • Provide Real-time product recommendations.
  • Handle activities other than conversations like navigation, listings, etc.

Check out the future of car shopping with our digital assistance-driven virtual store for Maruti Suzuki.

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Customers want access to the services of a business at the click of a button today. Instant gratification and quick solutions to problems has become easy with the advancement of technology.

DaveAI’s solution helps consumers navigate the space and provides an empathetic experience through a digital salesperson that allows 24/7 assistance. This allows people the liberty to access the platform at their convenience and also find guidance when required.


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