Maruti Suzuki – WhatsApp Chatbot

Maruti Suzuki has collaborated with DaveAI to develop a WhatsApp Chatbot. The primary function of the chatbot is to provide users with answers to their inquiries related to Maruti Suzuki cars.

Features and functionalities:

  • User-Friendly Interaction: Users can initiate conversations, inquire about Maruti Suzuki cars, and receive instant responses.
  • Advanced AI/NLP Capabilities: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the chatbot processes user queries effectively and provides accurate information.
  • Multimedia Responses: From text to images and documents, the chatbot delivers diverse responses tailored to user needs.
  • 24/7 Availability: Operational round-the-clock, ensuring prompt responses and enhancing user experience.
  • Integration Partner: Sprinklr, DaveAI's trusted BSP, played a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating the chatbot into WhatsApp.

Discover the WhatsApp chatbot experience

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This chatbot is accessible through two channels, namely Arena and Nexa, each with its dedicated
WhatsApp phone number:

Arena: WhatsApp at +91 92893 11487

Nexa: WhatsApp at +91 9289311488


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