Merino Laminates- 3D Visualizer

DaveAI's visualizer helped Merino Laminates increase qualified leads by > 30% Analyzing the current requirement for Merino Laminates to enable a much simpler avenue to customize the laminates without the need to go to the actual store, team DaveAI proposed an AI assisted visualizer to be the optimum solution owing to its capability to allow the users to explore various textures and designs that matches their preference before the purchase.

Features and Functionalities

  • Customization of the virtual landscape of the laminate designs
  • Application of designs and textures of laminates in concept areas
  • Personalized recommendations to the customers

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With 96% of customers preferring online shopping over the traditional methods today, the need for brands to strengthen their digital presence arises. In the home lifestyle industry, majority of the customers look for real time visualization of the product for a better overview on digital platforms. With the help of a DaveAI solution, Merino Laminates has paved way for unique digital experiences that help witness a bunch of customer smiles. The technology used by DaveAI optimizes both the illumination and colour realism but works on hardware with low specifications thereby improving the spectrum of usage. The visualizer incorporates two pieces of technologies- 1. Intelligent data layer allowing the creation of a pipeline of processes. 2. Patent pending baking and rendering technology that helps maintain product realism.