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Democratizing AI In Middle East

Explore an unmatched level of immersive & interactive customer experience enabled by AI assisted solutions.

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With the power of speech, data and intelligence, DaveAI helps you provide your customers an augmented discovery of your offerings.

Ascend the wagon of futuristic business solutions through DaveAI's scalable and easily integrable AI solutions

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Products & Services

Choose from the following tech stack of products deployable at multiple touchpoints.

Virtual Avatars

Humanize your Digital Conversations with DaveAI’s AI powered human-like Virtual Avatars. Choose from a palette of Avatars or create/customize a virtual avatar as your brand persona. Using Patent pending Empathetic AI technology, these Avatars can personalize the conversation in natural language, understand user preferences and make personalized product & feature recommendations.

AI Microbranch

Provide a Next-Gen Banking experience to your global customers through branchless banking empowered with DaveAI’s Microbranch. This highly interactive kiosk banking utilizes a unique blend of speech, vision, personalization & visualization that brings a human-less bank branch to life enabling seamless financial and non-financial interactions. Enhance your customer’s banking experience through reduced costs and increased engagement rates.

AI Chatbot

Leverage the power of personalization through DaveAI’s AI assisted chatbot capable of self learning, continuously adapting to the conversation and gathering valuable customer insights. DaveAI bots can traverse the customer through a seamless discovery experience at the same time, proactively nudge the customer towards his preferences. DaveBot has the capability to qualify leads, demonstrate product features, make recommendations, upsell/cross sell or support customers in real time. 

Virtual Stores

Create a virtual 3D store for your brand with an optimized blend of DaveAI’s solutions allowing interactive 3D product visualization and configuration. Through a photo realistic 3D spaces created by high resolution automated rendering, cater your global audience a 24/7 virtual store with an experience of the future in their reach. Through it’s immersive and user-friendly interface, DaveAI’s platform personalizes the entire customer journey through the virtual store hand-holding him throughout his experience.

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What Customers Say About Us

Our corporate accelerator, MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab) provides an excellent platform to startups to collaborate and work with Maruti Suzuki to co-create solutions which will be quickly implemented in our business and ecosystem. We are collaborating with DaveAI winner of our MAIL program (cohort 2) to implement multiple AI based solutions to enrich the customer experience on our digital platforms. We are confident that with this partnership, we can set new benchmarks to enhance business performance and improve customer interface.

Shashank Srivastava

Executive Director

We have got a Visualizer made by DaveAI. Being in an industry where visualisation really helps display the effects, ICA Pidilite has to the architects and interior designers and portray a premium image. While this lockdown due to corona virus has hit the physical interactions with our clients, the visualizer has really helped in connecting with the clients remotely and carry out business interaction.


ICA Pidilite

Karnataka Bank has always dreamt about transmission. We have now taken a step towards being a bank of the future by introducing DhIRA which is envisaged to enhance customer experience. It is a first-of-a-kind AI, ML, NLP based bot that can interact with customers both in speech & text. We believe that it will be the future digi face of the bank. DaveAI has helped us take this step towards the vision of being the Bank Of Future.

Pankaj Gupta


We have partnered with DaveAI to develop a one-of-a-kind visualizer to help users visualize our products in an effective way. We are committed to developing our brand online by providing our users new technology to explore.

Bhavesh Jhalani

Head Digital Marketing

After deploying DaveAI's solution with our existing system, understanding customer data and preference became very easy. It was seamless to configure the solution with various banking scenarios at Axis Bank.

Sandeep Charan


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