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Carrier – Interactive 3D Campaign with Virtual Avatar

  • Dinesh
  • February 7, 2024
Carrier – Interactive 3D Campaign with Virtual Avatar

Carrier recently advertised its customizable AC covers for their Haori System air conditioners. This move aimed to increase brand awareness and market presence in Singapore during the holiday period between Christmas and New Year.

But there were multiple problems associated with this. Issues ranging from extensive on-site shoots and hiring and training of professionals who can enact the role of Haori’s Brand Ambassador to editing charges and large-scale personalization plagued not only this project but are common concerns for most brands advertising their products. On average, the digital marketing price alone shoots well above $50,000 per month for large industries.

In short, a lot of temporal and monetary resources would have been sacrificed. And this is where DaveAI comes in. Haori chose to utilize the power of generative AI over the traditional resource-intensive approach. This not only helped Carrier establish their Haori system during the holiday season but also put forward a brand voice that reflected innovation, that ushered in the future, creating a lasting impact on their audiences in Singapore.

DaveAI’s Innovative Solution

Of course, generative AI was the means that allowed Haori to circumvent the huge costs, time, and hassles associated with the traditional advertising approach. But how did we go about it? Using generative AI-powered 3D visualization & a Virtual Avatar Synthesis pipeline, we set out to create a story – one that resonated with Carrier’s brand image and also connected with the audiences. Let’s take a look at the technical features employed to achieve this feat:

Automated Real-time 3D Synthesis – Text to 3D Avatar

Our state-of-the-art gen AI pipeline has the capability of instantaneously taking human speech or text, converting it to a voice generated by the AI, and then layering it as a voice-over from your chosen avatar, complete with lip-syncing animations.

Automated Scene(Image/Video) Creation from 3D Assets

Once we dealt with the avatar and what they had to say, we moved on to the virtual environment where the avatar would be situated. Our solution entailed crafting a captivating 3D-rendered environment showcasing Haori air conditioners, generated seamlessly from 3D Assets configured within DaveAI’s advanced 3D platform. Strategically planned, our ad campaign ran on 5000 digital kiosks across Singapore. This amplified the visibility and engagement of the Haori System promotion. A pivotal aspect of the strategy involved partnering with DaveAI’s proficient 3D design team to breathe life into the Haori System’s standout feature – customizable AC covers. Through meticulous 3D rendering, we presented the product’s attributes with unprecedented creativity, breaking away from traditional advertising paradigms. The visually stunning and dynamic content effectively captivated attention, ensuring the Haori System emerged as a memorable and innovative choice for consumers during the festive period. Furthermore, a Virtual Avatar narrated the features of the product both within the advertisement and upon scanning an intelligent trackable QR code, enhancing user engagement.

Features of Dave AI Technology

The main technical features employed in this specific marketing campaign include:

  1. Infrastructure: Our project harnessed the computational prowess of Intel’s CPU resources and Nvidia’s GPU resources. This combination provided the scalable and robust computing power essential for seamlessly rendering high-fidelity 3D environments and lifelike avatars.
  2. In-House Model Training: DaveAI spearheaded the training of AI models internally, granting Carrier meticulous control over the behavior of the avatar. This approach ensured that the avatar authentically embodied the brand’s ethos and values.
  3. GRYD: DaveAI’s GenAI Middleware Hub – played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between our AI models and the application layer. This centralized hub streamlined the integration of AI-generated content into our campaigns, optimizing our workflow.
  4. AI-Powered Avatar Creation: Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, DaveAI’s system produces lifelike avatars capable of serving as compelling brand ambassadors. This proprietary technology, known as DaveAI’s Automated Rendering and Visual Synthesis System, not only slashed traditional photography and videography costs but also granted unparalleled flexibility in content creation
  5. Automated Video Generation: By automating the video generation process, our campaign rapidly churned out top-notch, captivating content. This automation extended to the editing, composition, and rendering of our 3D environments
  6. Technical Platforms and Services: Our solution seamlessly integrates various technical platforms and services, including 3D modeling tools, AI development environments, and cloud computing services. This integration facilitated a smooth and efficient production pipeline

DaveAI’s Impact on the Campaign

No matter how great or advanced the technology may be, when it comes to business, it’s the numbers that make the final call. So, let’s take a look at how DaveAI’s intervention with generative AI has impacted the campaign. DaveAI has significantly boosted Haori System sales by achieving a remarkable 30% increase in impressions compared to standard campaigns. This surge in visibility has not only amplified outreach but has also translated into tangible benefits with a 12% improvement in trackable engagement rates.

Previously, Carrier was unable to track engagement from digital signage campaigns. This posed a significant challenge in understanding the consumer demographics. But with DaveAI’s integration, the brand gained invaluable insights into customer interactions. This newfound understanding has directly contributed to sales uplift and expanded market penetration for Haori. Additionally, the qualitative impact on brand recall cannot be overstated.

Customers are more likely to remember and recognize the Haori brand, fostering long-term loyalty and trust. In essence, DaveAI has not only revolutionized Carrier’s marketing efforts but has also solidified Haori’s position in the market through enhanced visibility, engagement, and brand recognition.

DaveAI’s Unending Drive Towards a Better Future

The benefits of genAI technology permeate through multiple business avenues. And DaveAI is at the forefront of it all, pioneering the transformation. Multiple companies hailing from myriad industries are utilizing DaveAI for their campaigns and sales initiatives. This list includes but isn’t limited to forerunners like ICA Pidilite, Maruti Suzuki, Karnataka Bank,  Merino Laminates, Hindware, Jaquar, Tanishq and more. With DaveAI, you too have the opportunity to become a pioneer. Make use of DaveAI’s tech stack in your campaigns and achieve sustainable and consistent business growth. For more information, visit DaveAI today!

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