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Maruti Suzuki -Celebrity Avatar

  • Dinesh
  • August 9, 2023
Maruti Suzuki -Celebrity Avatar

DaveAI unveils a hyper realistic digital twin of the actor – Varun Dhawan in Auto Expo’23 in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki

In today’s digital age, brands face the challenge of capturing the attention and interest of their target audience in a highly competitive market. One effective strategy that has gained prominence in recent years is celebrity endorsements. However, relying solely on real-life celebrities can be expensive, limited in availability, and subject to various constraints. As a result, there is a growing need for innovative solutions to leverage the power of celebrity influence while overcoming these limitations.

One potential solution to this problem is the development of celebrity life-like avatars. These avatars would be digital representations of real-life celebrities, created using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and motion capture. The primary goal of these avatars is to embody the essence, personality, and influence of the respective celebrities they represent.

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, DaveAI has unveiled its first hyper-realistic digital twin of a celebrity avatar in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki. Powered by the world’s most advanced AI algorithms, DaveAI is re-imagining what is possible in the creation of hyper-realistic avatars to deliver an interactive customer experience. This celebrity avatar is of the actor Varun Dhawan who is the brand ambassador for one of the main channels of Maruti Suzuki. As part of the Expoverse, DaveAI has created a digital avatar of the actor naming it Varun Dhawan 2.0.

Making Of The Celebrity Avatar:

  1. The process that DaveAI used to create Varun Dhawan’s avatar included methods like photogrammetry, motion caption and animation.
  2. First Varun Dhawan’s photographs, body movements, facial expressions and measurements were captured and recorded during a photo shoot by Maruti Suzuki to create maps out of photos.
  3. Photogrammetry was used to work on photos from various vantage points and scan in detail, just like how our eyes work, giving an in-depth perspective. These details were then mapped onto an avatar for a realistic look and movements. The photogrammetry setup was successfully created using 80 cameras to accurately record and represent Varun Dhawan’s virtual avatar.
  4. Then through motion capture, the avatar was trained to walk, talk, and mimic facial expressions, dance moves and mannerisms similar to Varun Dhawan.
  5. 3D animation technology was used for the avatars’ dressing, personality and human like traits and the avatar was synced to mimic Varun Dhawan features including his personality, skin texture and voice.

Benefits of Life-Like Celebrity Avatars for Brands:

  1. Increased Brand Recognition: Utilizing life-like celebrity avatars helps brands capture the attention of their target audience more effectively. This recognition can significantly enhance brand recall and visibility.
  2. Enhanced Credibility and Trust: Celebrity avatars, when designed to accurately represent the real-life celebrities, can lend credibility and trust to a brand. Consumers often admire and trust their favorite celebrities, and when these personalities are associated with a brand, it can positively influence consumers’ perception and trust in that brand.
  3. Extended Reach and Engagement: Celebrity avatars can attract a broader audience, including fans of the real-life celebrities. By leveraging the popularity and influence of celebrities, brands can tap into existing fan bases and foster a deeper connection with consumers.
  4. Creative and Versatile Marketing Campaigns: Life-like celebrity avatars offer brands immense creative flexibility. Brands can design captivating and memorable marketing campaigns, utilizing avatars across various channels and mediums.

“A celebrity twin avatar has added to our capabilities, which allows us to automate an intelligent avatar which can mimic the celebrity persona. This helps brands increase the reach of what they can do with their brand ambassadors and reach out to more people in a personalized manner. ” – Dr Ananth, Co-founder & CTO – DaveAI

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