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Tanishq – Virtual Avatar in a Virtual Showroom

  • Dinesh
  • February 9, 2024
Tanishq – Virtual Avatar in a Virtual Showroom


Tanishq and DaveAI bring forth an immersive Virtual Showroom experience. An avatar named Kajal from DaveAI’s avatar stack serves as a narrator and describes the intricacies of each jewellery piece inside the showroom. Crafted within Tanishq’s physical stores, this uniform storytelling aids salespersons and bridges the gap between the tangible and the emotional, creating an immersive experience that resonates with customers. 

Features and Functionalities-

  1. Inside the Tanishq store, each salesperson is equipped with a tablet, utilizing the virtual showroom as a powerful tool to assist customers and create a captivating storytelling experience for those visiting the store.
  2. The 3D-rendered virtual showroom consists of Tanishq’s jewellery collection.
  3. A virtual avatar serves as a narrator and describes the intricacies of each jewellery piece. The virtual avatar can communicate in 2 languages- English and Kannada.
  4. This storytelling experience consists of engaging narratives.5. Visitors can seamlessly explore the captivating jewellery collection on the device in the store if there is a queue, ensuring that even during idle moments, they stay engaged and connected with the brand until a salesperson becomes available to assist them.


In collaboration with Tanishq, we crafted a cutting-edge virtual showroom experience, featuring Kajal adorned in a saree. This virtual environment showcases a carefully curated selection of 10 products, distributed across four distinct categories. The immersive narrative is meticulously developed within the DaveAI engine, ensuring a consistent and engaging storyline that captivates the audience. In this experience, Kajal takes center stage as the narrator. Fluent in both English and Kannada, Kajal serves as an interactive guide, providing intricate details about each product in the collection. This uniform storytelling approach guarantees a seamless and comprehensive understanding for customers, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

The virtual showroom has been strategically designed for in-store usage, seamlessly integrated into the sales process. Salespeople equipped with tablets employ this innovative tool to present the collection dynamically, allowing customers to explore the products in-depth. The avatar’s bilingual capabilities facilitate effective communication, catering to a diverse customer base. Customers, while awaiting assistance or exploring the space, can immerse themselves in the compelling narrative presented by Kajal. This ensures that even during idle moments, customers remain informed about the exquisite jewellery collection, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

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