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Wunderman Thompson – Virtual Avatar

  • Dinesh
  • November 20, 2023
Wunderman Thompson – Virtual Avatar

Wunderman Thompson has teamed up with DaveAI to revolutionize surveys by introducing an interactive virtual avatar for ITC as their client. Avatars humanize the survey experience. The engaging nature of avatars in surveys can lead to higher participation rates.

Features and functionalities:

  1. During a store visit, customers are handed a device to participate in the survey.
  2. This survey consists of a human like avatar asking questions. This avatar articulates the survey questions clearly, ensuring that users understand the context and purpose of each question.
  3. Customers respond to the questions presented by the avatar by selecting options on the screen.
  4. The responses provided by users are collected and recorded by the avatar.
  5. Once the survey responses are collected, they are processed and analyzed.
  6. The analyzed data provides valuable insights into user preferences, behaviour, and opinions.


Companies extensively use surveys and market research to gain valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviour. Through surveys, they collect data on various factors such as preferred flavours, packaging designs, and even pricing sensitivity. Traditional surveys conducted through forms often suffer from low participant engagement due to their monotonous and mundane nature. Users frequently find filling out long forms to be tedious and boring, leading to decreased response rates and potentially inaccurate data. This lack of engagement poses a challenge for brands seeking meaningful insights from their target audience. Avatars provide an innovative solution to the problem of low engagement in surveys. These virtual avatars can be programmed to read survey questions aloud, injecting a human touch into the process. By hearing questions from an avatar, users experience a more interactive and conversational survey environment. Avatars transform the mundane process of survey filling into an engaging conversation.

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