The Great Commandment – Love thy Labour! A Labour day snippet for Marble Dealers.

This labour day, take cognisance of a key stakeholder in your marble yard – Your Labour force. Use them wisely & improve productivity. Labour day snippet for Marble Dealers.
Every time a customer walks in, significant manual labour is involved in moving marbles to showcase book-matched images. And yet, they are not perfect.

Example of a Manual Book-Matched Image

Labour day snippet for Marble Dealers

With Dave, create automated book-matched images, stay in touch with the customer after they leave the yard and sell faster. 
We train your workforce to digitise your inventory which can then be used to create a catalogue with automated book-matched images and shared to customers in real time. Dave can create horizontal, vertical and floor book-matches automatically. 
                                       Automated Horizontal Book-Match created by Dave.AI

Labour day for Marble Dealers

With Dave, improve your workforce productivity by using them for more qualitative tasks and augment their skills with our Sales Companion App. 

Happy Labour day

Let’s work towards creating a fair and optimized system so that minimum of effort is wasted for any product display and product showcase.By making use of the technology ,we can not only expand our consumer reach ,but also provide then with best service possible.

Wishing your team a Happy Labour Day

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